Visitor Management System: Best Tool to Improve Work Space Security in 2021

Visitors play a crucial role in the success of any organization. From schools to hospitals to large enterprises, welcoming guests plays a key part in the success of any organization. However, welcoming visitors does not mean that organizations have to compromise with their safety and security. A visitor management system helps the organization to effectively and efficiently manage as well as control all the visitors who get in, how long they are staying and which part of the organization is visited by them. 


The visitor management system used by the organizations can vary based on industry, geographic location and industry type. Some of the organizations only collect visitor’s names while others conduct high-level security checks that include collection of badges. In case of the latter, visitors are escorted by company employees and they also need to submit legal documents with the organization while visiting the company site. Currently, more and more companies are upgrading themselves from the pen and paper sign-in sheets to a digitalized visitor management system that enables them to perform much more. For guests and visitors management, we have perfect software for you, check this- office hoteling software, it is one of the best in the market.

Here are some software that will act as the best tool to improve workspace security in 2020.


iLobby visitor management software offers enterprise-level service along with process optimization products. The software ensures accurate identification of the visitors for its users with its efficient photo ID card scanning feature. The built-in scanner of the software allows visitors to simply scan their documents and auto-populate the information on the company server. For the visitors and people visiting your property, you can automate your operations using logiciel gestion hôtelière, it will plan schedules accordingly and help you in automation.

With the software, companies can instantly identify, flag or deny unwanted/unauthorized visitors with the third party and internal watchlist databases. During the time of an emergency, the software provides a list of all the on-site visitors, which makes it easy for the company to conduct a rescue operation. With iLobby, complex processes related to validating, screening and monitoring of individuals have become automatic and hassle-free at the same time.


Veris is a visitor management software that maintains a rigorous and honest prioritization process for feature development in close collaborations with its users. The software provides superfast self-serviced check-ins to one’s visitors. It also fetches information from its backups to make the process faster. With Veris, it becomes easier for companies to manually generate visitor entries right from the software’s VIP Dashboard. They can also provide printed badges to the visitors to make the identification process easier during check-out. The software allows the companies to build a role-based hierarchical system where super admins get access to all the data centrally and venue admins are given access to data of certain venues only. The software sends a notification to the admins via SMS/email and an in-app notification whenever there is a visitor. The software can be used by companies in offline modes, and the data is synced when the internet is available. Users can restrict entries of their visitors in their premises by activating the invite-only mode of the software. Here the visitors are provided with an option where they have to make a request if they want to meet the host.


The software aims to smoothen the whole process of visitor management through its digitalized check-in. It eliminates hectic paperwork and adds extraordinary charm to the company’s front desk, leaving a professional-looking first impression on the visitor’s mind. The software streamlines the check-in process by capturing instant images of the visitor, sending notifications, collecting signatures and printing customized badges for the visitor. It notifies the users with an instant alert whenever a guest visits the company site. The efficient feedback feature of this software allows visitors to leave comments. The comments act as the key aspect of providing real and exact explanations of the experiences that the visitors had. Feedback helps the companies to analyze their real strength and weakness. Users can also make changes and developments based on that. With the software, companies can create their own custom fields along with questions for visitors to be answered during check-ins. The information they want from their customers can be easily customized by them through the software.


SwipedOn Visitor management software helps companies to welcome their visitors with a customized sign-in application that engages them from the very first time when they enter the company premises. The software helps the companies to automate their front desk processes with its simple but clever world-class support system. The tailored touch screen technology used by the software helps the users to run a smart, simple and secure visitor management system. SwipedOn offers features like alerts/notifications, visitor tracking, self-check-ins and pre-registration, along with an unbeatable value-based system backed up by its world-class customer care team.

Happy Visitor

Happy Visitor is a visitor management software that is designed to help out agencies and SMEs welcome their visitors without any clutter. The software provides an enhanced visitor experience to its users. Happy Visitor provides tight security to the user with its pre-registration, OTP validation, blacklist and photo capture features. This way, it stops unwanted/unauthorized persons from entering the company premises. The software digitalizes the companies’ front desk and helps them to get rid of manual paperwork. The software’s real-time dashboard helps the companies to know who is inside their premises. Further, the software allows its users to design customizable badges with their company logo and brand colour on them. This creates a better impression on the visitor’s mind and increases brand image.

Final Words

There are multiple benefits that a company can acquire by using visitor management software. The entire lobby management of the company is automated and all the details of each and every visitor are backed up accurately within the software. This ensures complete security to the companies from any outsiders. There are so many companies who work on various confidential matters; the software safeguards them from unwanted strangers who are capable of harming the company operations. Finally, a visitor management software also brings down the manual work and allows the employees to focus on other work rather than only meeting and greeting visitors.

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