How To Troubleshoot When Emails Get Stuck In Outbox?

“Stuck emails” is a common complaint of Outlook users, due to this email sending process takes too much time as Outbox freezes or messages get trapped in the outbox. It could be the foundation of many errors in Outlook.

There might be several reasons, why Outlook fails to send emails and users confront issue during the email sending process. Here below are the common causes which lead Outlook towards problems.

  • The large size of the attachment file can cause stucking of the email while sending process
  • Unavailability of Outlook server or server is down
  • Inappropriate sending/ receiving settings
  • Compatibility issues of Outlook with pre-installed software
  • Outlook is being used on any other application

How to Send Emails which Got Stuck in Outlook Outbox?

To Troubleshoot Sending or receiving an error or stuck emails in Outlook, try to resend the email. Go to the Send/Receive tab and tap select all. If the problem stands still, perform below given important steps Also Check– Online document management.

Check the Online Status of Outlook

Before doing anything to get rid of this issue, first, check the status of the mail server. If Outlook mail server is down or not connected to the internet. Most probably, emails will remain in the Outbox unless it connected to the exchange server.

To check and change the status of the mail server follow below given steps:

  • Navigate to the right corner of the Outlook. You will see the connection to the Microsoft exchange option, if the status is connected, it is clear that the issues not related to the server.
  • In case, you found the status is offline, to make it Online. Go to the Send/Receive tab and tap on Work offline to enable After performing this, try to resend the email.
  • Check the Internet connection and set it to the Online. In case you found it Disconnected

Try to Resend the Email

If the email is jammed in the Outbox folder, you must try to resend it. If its move out of the Outbox folder successfully, your problem will be resolved. Have you ever used a machine learning chrome extension in your browser to rectify your emails and send instant replies. You can give a test trial to TFT meta as well.

Try an OST to PST Conversion Tool:

There are several other manual ways which are not mentioned above, such as reducing the size of attachments and putting the wrong password. Inbox Repair Tool or ScanOST tool is also a handy solution to resolve such type of errors.

If none of the above methods works to resolve the issue, in such situation use DataRecovo OST to PST converter. The tool works competently to resolve corruption and damages in OST files. The OST to PST converter tool works smoothly even on severely corrupted OST files.

Silent features of OST to PST converter

  • The software is proficient to extract all the data from the damaged Outlook OST file and then safely store it into PST file.
  • The software makes sure all the mailbox items including emails, contacts, attachments, notes, and journals while converting OST to PST.
  • It’s become really difficult when an encrypted or password protected OST file get corrupted. However, this software is breaking the stereotype and recover the highly encrypted file in the best manner possible.
  • The software is also working in the demo version that helps you check the functionality of the software and finally come to a decision to purchase the software.
  • The main USP of the software is that it recovers OST file regardless of size. The maximum size of the OST file is easily recoverable by the software.
  • What could be the best than selecting multiple damaged OST file and then converting them into PST in one go? You can have this convenience while using the software.

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