Top 10 Video Editing Platforms Best Suited for Beginners

If you are still mulling over the idea of including videos in your content marketing strategy, you’ll
soon be compelled to.
The global promotional content generation is slowly pivoting to videos, and irrespective of
whether content marketers like it or not, video is on its way to becoming the dominant promotion
Marketers are increasingly adding YouTube and Facebook Videos to their marketing strategies.
This is because nearly one-third of the entire online content viewership is attributed to videos
now. The editing softwares can be used with Live video monitoring for online streaming of videos on video platforms. It is the need of the hour this time.

The year 2019 projected an 80% global web traffic attributed to videos, and these numbers
aren’t going to die down.
Video creation and editing has been deemed highly technical and demanding of special skills.
This pushed many content creators away from leveraging their full potential.
But today, we have a plethora of tools at our disposal that can help in getting anyone started
with their video creation aspiration. We have curated a list of 10 best video editing platforms that
are best suited for beginner video creators.

10 Best Video Editing Platforms

Here is our list of the 10 best video editing solutions that can perfectly complement the skill set
of beginner video creators. Let’s begin! People make sure of video editing software for grooming of pets as well, it is better to approach to follow Pet grooming software, instead of stealing the ideas from somewhere else.

1. Apple iMovie

The iMovie video editing software is one of the simplest video editing solutions available today.
However, it is only available for Apple devices, and people looking to use it on other platforms
are sheer out of luck.
Speaking of the simplicity and elegance offered by iMovie, it is perhaps one of the simplest to
navigate and operate and allows you to unleash your creative skills even with zero prior video
editing experience.
iMovie benefits from the integrated Apple ecosystem and enables seamless file and project
transfers between Apple devices.
The tool has advanced overlapping features along with all the basic video editing options
available at your disposal. Once your final video is ready, iMovie can export it to iMessage,
Facebook, YouTube, and a host of other integrated platforms.

2. Lumen5

Lumen5 is perfect for making funny and flashy social media promotional videos, which have
resulted in it becoming one of the go-to choices for marketers.
The tool enables quick video creation, and you can have a share-worthy video ready within
minutes. It also has a text to video creation feature that can convert plain text into a highly

appealing video effortlessly.
Although the text to video feature is not perfect and will definitely require some tinkering on your
part once you get past that, share-worthy video creation is not impossible even for beginners.
You can also add GIFs, screenshots, custom videos, and a lot more to make your videos
engaging and garner attention on social media.

3. Corel VideoStudio

The Corel VideoStudio is one of the top video editing platforms out there and comes with all the
bells and whistles such as 360-degree VR and 4k video support.
The cherry on the top is its motion-tracking feature that enables you to track and follow specific
objects throughout the video.
It would be safe to say that this platform provides one of the best motion tracking features. If we
list the demerits of the platform, first on the list would be its slow processing.
It is perhaps one of the slow platforms that you can use for video editing. But if you are willing to
live with it, the one-time payment for lifetime access certainly won’t hurt.

4. VideoCreek

VideoCreek is a cloud-based video editing solution and perhaps the fastest platform to create
and edit flawless videos.
The primary thing that sets VideoCreek apart is its cloud-based functionality, which does not
require you to download anything on your computer, and everything happens seamlessly on the
It comes with an expansive feature set of pre-existing templates and a host of video editing
features that can be rivaled only by a few platforms out there.
The platform is highly intuitive to use and is one of the perfect choices for beginner video


5. Nero Video

Nero Video is one of the cost-effective video editing solutions out there. It comes with a lot of
features and functionalities that you expect from a professional video editing solution and
perfectly meets the requirements of beginner video creators.
However, the platform is slow to process videos, and a few crucial features are missing from the
The one-time cost of $50 too certainly is not the lowest in the industry, and with the level of
features and functionality that you receive, your money can better be spent at competing video
editing solutions.

6. Filmora from Wondershare

Filmora from Wondershare is a multi-faceted video editing solution that offers high-quality video
editing. It offers ample features for mobile as well as desktop video editing.
If you are just starting with your video editing endeavors, you will find the interface of Filmora
highly intuitive and easy to use.

Beginner video editors also benefit from the rich collection of pre-existing templates and royalty-
free audio clips that can be integrated easily within any video.
Aside from this, the platform also provides screen recording and editing functionality that is a
great way to create how-to guides involving on-screen demonstrations.

7. InVideo

InVideo is another cloud-based video creation platform on our list which comes with advanced
features on a well laid out interface.
The platform runs entirely in your web browser, and there is no need to download anything
locally on your computer to start with your video editing.
Due to its rich collection of pre-existing templates and royalty-free audio clips, InVideo has
emerged as a fan favorite in the beginner video creation community and is an excellent intro
and outro maker.
The text to video feature integrated on the platform is a breeze to use and helps you create
stunning videos by simply using plain text.

8. CyberLink PowerDirector

CyberLink PowerDirector offers a pretty straightforward interface with all the options well laid out
in front of the user. However, the problem arises as soon as you start navigating the interface.
The number of options and functionalities available to the end-user might prove to be
overwhelming for many. As far as beginner video creators are concerned, this platform has a bit
of a learning curve.
The platform enables quick video creation and is one of the fastest tools available for
processing videos. It also has support for 360-degree virtual reality footage as well as a 4k
video editing feature.

9. Adobe Premiere Elements

Adobe is an industry leader in developing high-end video creation platforms, and Adobe
Premiere Elements certainly lives up to the expectations.
But it doesn’t mean that it offers any extraordinary levels of functionality, and many competing
products have surpassed it in terms of features and functionality.
Beginners will definitely like the guided edits feature of Adobe Premiere Elements as it allows
for quick edits and the possibility of undertaking advanced projects using the platform.
Moreover, there is a considerable level of helpful content integrated on the platform that can
prove to be a boon for beginner video creators.

10. Pinnacle Studio Ultimate

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate offers a high value for your money in terms of 360 degrees virtual
reality video as well as 4k video support.
Although the price of the platform is almost double of what the VideoStudio platform costs, but it
is justified by its fast video rendering capabilities. The UI is appealing, and every feature is
exactly where you expect it to be.

Everything is well laid out, and even beginner video creators won’t find any difficulties navigating
the platform. If speed is what you are looking for in your video creation workflow, the Pinnacle
Studio Ultimate definitely deserves a try.

So there you have it, folks. That was our take on the best video editing platforms for beginners.
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