The best email marketing tips B2B businesses should be aware of


Even after all these years, email has been used in its role as the most effective way to promote your company and its flexibility is unparalleled. It can be used to establish trust, collect crucial feedback, announce new products to keep customers returning, keep them coming back, stop churn, and much more.

With billions of emails sent out each day you must make every effort to stand out from your audience, hold their attention, and achieve your goals in marketing.

Best email marketing

This is why, in this article we’ll be providing you with some email marketing tips to ensure the highest possible outcomes from your marketing campaigns.

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The first lesson will be the fundamentals and work our way upwards from there!

Email marketing tips for better performing campaigns

Marketing best practices for email are generally timeless, but the best strategies to implement them change with the world. This list of an array of tried and true email marketing strategies that are based on research findings, 2021 digital marketing trends as well as more sophisticated tools to hand.

1. Segment your subscriber database

Email is an effective tool to implement many different marketing strategies: to introduce new customers to help them navigate your process, to announce the release of new features and share promotions and much more. You can only utilize the strategies you choose to use by segmenting your lists.

2. Personalize your messages

Based on research conducted by Janrain as well as Blue Research, 96% of consumers say they’ve received inaccurate information or advertisements, including:

  • Offers that do not know the client.
  • Unintentional errors in basic details about the customer.
  • Dissembling messages across different platforms.

According to the same study 68% of customers immediately remove emails with errors of this kind, and 54 percent opt-out.

3. Optimize your mobile for

An unsatisfactory mobile experience can make 52 percent of customers less likely to partner for a business and 53 percent reported that they’d abandon a website that does not load in less than three seconds. Because 70 percent of all emails get read via mobile devices and since your CTAs all direct users to your website, optimizing your mobile experience is essential.

4. Re-engage inactive subscribers

While it’s essential to have a consistent flow of customers from new ones, you should not forget about your existing customers! In many cases, you can engage readers or customers who have been slack by offering a tempting deal and the perfect message. Check your records to determine what kind of content they were exposed to prior to sending an improved and new version. You can also offer discounts!

5. Test A/B to find the ideal email

Test A/B to find out more about your readers. Examine the subject lines, body copy design, CTA language or button images, color and many more. Like any test, you should only alter one thing at a single time so that you can draw precise conclusions.

This will allow you to see what phrases connect with the audience or if they resonate more in a prevention-oriented or goal-oriented tone.

6. Create trigger emails to ensure that you don’t miss opportunities

An triggered email is one that’s automatically sent out after an individual takes a step. The emails that are triggered come with a 70.5 percent more open rate because they are reaching out to your customers when they’re actively active.

7. Nurture can lead to customers

For B2C businesses and services that cost little, the new person who joins your mailing list could very quickly become a client. For purchases with a high price or B2B-based marketing it requires some research and careful planning. Through nurturing emails, it is possible to send out a sequence of emails to build trust and give you offers which gradually increase.

8. Make use of emotion to connect

Every problem and desire to satisfy customers stems from an emotion. When you’re an accountant your clients would like to be able to relax over not receiving their tax returns completed in time. They want to be at ease knowing that they’ll receive the best return.

If you’re an analytics company and your customers want to be able to relax and not worry about their reports. They are looking to feel at ease when they present their findings to their boss.

9. Display your ideals

Today’s consumers expect more from their companies as they did in the past. They are looking to donate their money to organizations which they believe in that have a mission that is in line with their beliefs and consider them to be more than just a way of generating revenue. They also desire more openness and openness.

10. Utilize dynamic content

Dynamic email content is a different method of tailor your email marketing. This method allows the contents of the emails to automatically change based on the criteria of your readers, such as gender, area, buying patterns or other behavior on your website.


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