Redesigning Your Logo? The Do’s And Dont’s

Every company nowadays recognizes the value of the term ‘brand’. This is because, among all the various factors affecting a business venture, there’s no other commodity that’s more important or more difficult to achieve. A company’s brand value is achieved from the trust of the consumer towards the company’s product and is tantamount to its identity. No amount of marketing or advertising can help buy the true loyalty of a consumer towards a particular brand. There are numerous examples of brand value like Apple and Microsoft. While brand value cannot be bought, it can be slowly achieved through painstaking attention to detail and quality, as well as honest promotion. One of the most basic yet important steps in increasing brand loyalty for a company is its logo app .

A company’s logo design is synonymous with its identity in the business landscape, like its calling card. It’s the symbol which people will associate with a business and can help influence their decision. For example, if a company is renowned for its attention to quality, then people will immediately associate its products with excellence. Hence, brand logos play a vital role in any enterprise’s outreach to its consumers and are crucial to their success. If your company’s brand logos doesn’t reflect your core values or its strengths, then it’s time to consider a logo redesign. Here’s a list of a few do’s and don’t’s when it comes to redesigning your logo. The logos are designed these days with Bar codes scanner as well, You can Order barcodes and integrate it with the logo and market your business.

Redesigning Your Logo

Your logo is the face of your company and your brand.

  1. Don’t Change The Essence Of The Logo

While opting for a logo redesign, you must take care not to change its essence or basic element entirely. Keep the general look and feel of the logo same, as not doing so may imply a complete rebranding instead of redesigning of the company logo.

  1. Do Maintain Familiarity

As you’ve decided to redesign your logo, it’s obvious that you might want a completely new one to reflect what you have in mind regarding your company. However, do try and keep a degree of familiarity with the previous logo. While the new logo may be a huge draw for a new audience and consumer base, having a little familiarity with the previous logo may draw your previous loyal customers too. 

  1. Don’t Over Modernize

While trying to stay with the times and having a new, post-modern logo may seem incredibly enticing, it would be better to do so elegantly. A haphazard logo design will only reflect poorly on your company. Also, adding various superfluous details and small changes around the logo will just make the design look irritating and can aggravate people. Keeping it simple and smart will help people accept the logo redesign quickly. 

  1. Do Make It Original

It may seem contradictory with some of the other points, but do try and make the redesign process original. At the same time, keep the essence of the logo and brand safe. There must be a degree of familiarity to the logo, however, there must be enough change to show that your company has grown and offers something new. Finding and striking a balance between the two is the definition of a good logo redesign. 

  1. Don’t Try To Stand Alone

Your logo is the face of your company and your brand. That is why you have to make sure that it’s available or can be viewed anywhere that’s related to your brand, whether it be business cards, company websites or even television advertisements. There’s no use to go through the trouble of redesigning your logo and not displaying it as prominently as you can. You need to embed the new logo design in the people’s consciousness so that anytime they see it, they will immediately associate it with your brand or company.

logo create

Hatchful is a simple and easy-to-use design studio by Shopify.

Of course, the above points may seem daunting for a person with prior experience in visual or graphics design. However, in today’s digital age, there are a number of third-party applications that can help you with designing a new logo or redesigning an existing one for your company or brand. For example, an app provided by Shopify called Hatchful is an extremely user-friendly logo maker and designer. With hundreds of different templates stocked within it, even a novice can utilize it to create a high-resolution logo or redesign a previous one with no prior designing experience. 

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