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Today, we’re here to enjoy summer, but as the temperature continues to plummet, Rockstar promises respite with GTA San Andreas on PC. GTA San Andreas comes with improved framerates and increased resolution.

This game brings console port as the most popular game you will find in the GTA series. It’s an adventure and action game free for windows 10.

GTA San Andreas download

GTA San Andreas Gameplay Features

In this action and adventure game for windows 10, you become the main character. There are different missions that you should complete. For example, stealing cars, getting a job or searching for specific people you can talk to. In games like GTA it is path defined which makes it easy for the gamer to play the game, we have some Passage planning software in real life, which helps you to select absolute paths.

  • How To Climb Ranks In The Criminal Organization

GTA San Andreas game became popular for PlayStations when it was introduced. Later, the game spread to others such as Xbox 360 and PC. After arrival in the PC world, the developers have also released the Windows 10 version. Besides, these games have been tweaked such that it’s available in other portable devices like GTA San Andreas for Android.

These games have so much features to offer, it is difficult to develop and test them, you can check for Software testing company for such games.

Playing GTA San Andreas is one of the high-caliber you will come across. The high-resolution graphics it entails are impressive and therefore, it can be said this graphic suits this OS.

GTA San Andreas

GTA San Andreas setting was based in Los Angeles. However, playing the game gives you a chance to explore three cities. The setting of the game was in the early 90s but the character CJ gets back to assist his gang. So, The Grove Street Family is the dominant of the territory. Besides, you can easily customize your character with haircuts, clothes and the works.

As the many GTA games out there, this game San Andres contains plenty of things you will do. Each mission is estimated to be around 30 hours for you to complete, and therefore reasonable to download. Besides, the gameplay that comes out of the storyline, it’s interesting and you should expect more hours of entertainment.

When you visit the gym, there are new moves to learn while fighting. However, for side missions, you get the opportunity to choose guns and cash. There are opportunities for robbery, where you steal fire trucks, ambulances, and other cars. In fact, the choice for vehicles to steal is vast but don’t forget there is a chance to also steal speed boats, bicycles, sports cars, and SWAT vans.

  • GTA San Andreas Controls

Even when not familiar with this famous Grand Theft Auto franchise, choosing San Andreas will be a great and enjoyable game. It comes full of content and fun. For this game, you can decide to stick to your mission format or go to classic GTA rampage that makes it famous.

The PC controls are perfect. You can choose among the three types but easy to also customize them. For the touch layout, it displays the two analog style stick.

Continue where you left ability

When you download this GTA San Andreas game, you need first to play to be used to how you use the controls, know the location and choose characters tattoos. So, you have to start with training missions that will give you the time of understanding how you can make CJ run around, swipe to check surroundings or pick up items. It’s easy for one to play in short bursts because you can save the game.

  • Graphics

The graphics and soundtracks in this game are worth to mention. They are responsible for making this game more immersive. It’s worth to note the voice of actors from celebrities like Samuel L Jackson, Axl Rose or James Woods.

  • Pros


  1. Excellent soundtrack
  2. Many hours of gameplay
  3. Immersive storyline and experience
  4. Superb graphics

How To Download GTA San Andreas

If you have a computer running windows 10, its easy to download the GTA San Andreas game. First, ensure the computer is connected to the internet.

You can use different browsers to download this game. However, windows 10 running computers have Microsoft accounts. When you have registered for the account, it will be easier.

If you want to install GTA San Andrea, on the Start screen, choose the Microsoft store icon. In the game menu, search for “GTA San Andreas version.” It the game to download.

When you get it, select download. The download starts automatically. After the download is complete, select its installation button and click. It will install the game on your PC.


GTA San Andreas, unlike other Grand Theft Auto games, allows you to do many things. It works better than others with different gameplay elements and comes with a powerful package that won’t disappoint you. It’s usually the power of trying to do million different things or over-ambitious hodge-podge.

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