Avoid These Seven Mistakes While Editing A Video To Be A Great Video Editor

Video editing is an essential thing in today’s market. The video contents are emerging as one of the best business marketing strategies. Many businesses are trying to advertise themselves on different social networking platforms. However, they were using blog posts, contents, and updates on contents to advertise your business. But, now, as many studies have shown how original and attractive video contents have helped in increasing sales of different businesses, companies have started investing some extra bucks on editing videos and posting them on their pages.

Creating videos might feel tiring, tedious jobs. However, the satisfaction you get after work is done is a great one. However, there are many emerging and novice video editors that are trying to make their careers shine. However, there are some mistakes that most of these people make most of the time. They are powerful softwares, which require high laptop/ PC configuration during editing. Moreover, if you are making changes it server, you need powerful hosting like powerhosting.gr, you make sure that everything is eligible with your editing software.

Here in this article, we will tell you about the top seven mistakes that most novice editors keep repeating on their videos. If you want to have a successful video editing career, you should not repeat these mistakes.

Editing A Video To Be A Great Video Editor

But before we start, if you are a novice in video editing who doesn’t know where to start from, we recommend you to search online for the best and easy youtube movie maker tools like InVideo.

Now let’s move on to the top seven mistakes most people keep repeating while editing videos. Know to avoid these mistakes and save your time and energy while making some great videos for your clients.

Poor or inconsistent audio:

This is one of the basic mistakes that most of the novice workers never understand. On your timeline, there will usually be two to three audio components, voice, music, and audio clips. When you think you do not need the audio from the main clip, you can easily turn that off, and you can turn it off by clicking on “separate audio and video” and hide the audio track after that. The newbie editors often make this mistake where the music tracks are overpowering the other different tracks. This is a huge mistake you should avoid if you want to be a successful video editor.

The Jump Cut:

Different editing techniques have different time and place. A jump cut is a great way to accomplish your goal of video editing, which helps to collapse the time. The Jump Cuts are going to help you to save your valuable time and will help you to push the story forward in less time. This is a style that most of the new video editors follow. However, they don’t only use it to finish the work faster; they use it because they also don’t know the other different cuts one person can make using different YouTube video editing software. It is evident when all you have are single shots, and you just cut the time out of the same frame. In these cases, it seems the characters have moved in different positions magically.

Incomplete transitions:

This is another video editing mistake that even some experienced video editors make sometimes. This mistake mostly happens when the transition of your video clip is longer than the previous clips. Editors often place these transitions between two different clips, and they forget to extend one of the clips long enough. At these times, the previous clips during the transition period will show a black screen to the viewers. So, you should always make sure that your previous clips are long enough. If not, you need to adjust your transition time to avoid these mistakes further in your career.

Inconsistent graphics:

This is another thing that you always need to keep in mind, and you should always try to avoid this particular problem. Nobody wants you to be a graphic designer. However, you should make sure that your fonts, size, and color of those fonts should match the color and tone of the video and should stay that way throughout the entire video. The biggest mistake that most novice editors make is to add different colors to their fonts. The use of different fonts while editing a video or adding colors will distract viewers, that is something you will never want. Therefore, our suggestion for these newbies is to select one font and stick to that one font, font color, and size.

Being unorganized:

Keeping all your media files together and at one place is a basic of video editing that most of the new novice editors do not follow. This is why they have to struggle while working on the finals. Therefore, our suggestion is keeping things organized and, in a folder, from the day you start one project. Make one folder for a project. Then, add a music folder, editing folder, clips folder, and all the folders you need for the project. Then keep files separate yet sorted in those folders. This way, you don’t have to search for the projects every time you start editing.

 Not preparing the files for editing:

When you have photos or graphics that are 300 dpi or in other modes such as CMYK, it might give you errors or other issues in editing. Therefore, you should always keep your files prepared for editing. Start slowing down your renders. It might be worth lowering the resolution to 72 to 150 and changing the image files in RGB. This way, you can easily master the full resolution.

Music Doesn’t Fit:

Have you seen videos that have slow music, but the video footage is very fast paced? Well, that might have happened because the video is edited by a novice editor. The quick cutting techniques and camera movements should have a corresponding high tempo with high energy music. There is nothing more disastrous than watching a sad scene with a happy background score. Therefore, you should be careful about this while editing video.

So, these are the top seven most common mistakes that newbie video editors make very often and try to master editing properly so that you can avoid these mistakes while working, and you can shine with your career as a video editor.

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