7 things and tips you should know about Genshin Impact adventuring

Genshin Impact tips will help you navigate this huge RPG. Imagine Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Dragon’s Quest mixed with more anime. There are many things to do, including a large map and regular events that will increase your chances of winning. Genshin Impact tips will make your life much easier.

Don’t let the cute cartoon style fool you. It’s not easy to see the intricate web of rewards, systems and mechanics. There are many things that can easily be overlooked with all the information available. These Genshin Impact tips can make it easier for a new player to get started.

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At the beginning, focus on Adventure Points rather than XP.

Genshin Impact offers two progression systems. Genshin Impact’s top tip is to concentrate on activities that increase your Adventure Rank in order to continue the story of Stormterror, the dragon, and searching for your missing sibling. To unlock all the game’s features, you’ll need Adventure Rank 20.

Earning XP by simply burning, zapping, wind-blading and wind-blading enemies as you explore the world will give you a lot of it. You can also find Wanderer’s Notes that can be used to increase your character rank. As long as you have a little more curiosity than a dead hedgehog, Adventure Points are very easy to accumulate. These points can be obtained by opening chests, unlocking teleport points and offering to the Statue of the Sevens scattered around the globe. This way of exploring – looking at every chest on the map – will ensure that you don’t run into a bottleneck while you’re going through the main story.


Experiment and explore – almost everything has a purpose

Genshin Impact’s vast open world is full of stuff. There are many things to do in Genshin Impact’s vast open world. Birds fly overhead, animals frolic and fish abound. It is important to remember that everything in this game has a purpose. Every object has a purpose, whether it’s for cooking, alchemy or other quests. And every rock formation, like Breath of the Wild hides a secret. It’s worth looking around because you will be rewarded for your efforts. You can use your elemental powers of your party to uncover the secret reward if you don’t see it. Do you see some dandelions? Try a wind attack. Is an unlit torch in a field? That’s the perfect place for a pyroman to light it.

To increase the damage, swap your Genshin Impact party members in battle

Genshin Impact’s most important tip is to swap characters often during battle. While we all want Lisa to be our librarian, swapping characters – as simple as hitting the Dpad – allows you to add different elements to your damage. Amber can use her pyro arrows for lighting a fire. Once the fire is out, swap characters to whip them into a tornado using a wind attack. You’ll need to ensure you have the right mix of elements as you build your party. Additionally, you can get different buffs such as 15% elemental resistance for each of four elements depending on what combination you choose.

For any rewards you may have missed, check out the Genshin Impact Menus

We are not suggesting that you are a short-sighted idiot. Genshin Impact is full of menus and features that make it easy to overlook the little treasures that await you. You’ll discover a lot of rewards that you may have missed if you just keep looking at the menu. Although it’s not intuitive, there are plenty of rewards hidden in your mailbox. Achievements and an adventure log are also available.

To unlock more heroes, focus on Genshin’s Impact mainstory

Genshin Impact can be described as a gacha game. However, you don’t need to pull a single pull in order to unlock enough heroes to create a diverse party. All you have to do is play the story. You will see many new characters as you go along. Random pulls can be used to augment your group, but this is not necessary at the beginning. The Wish System can be used if you really want to have more choices early on. This is the Gacha section of the game. It’s basically loot boxes. However, you can use the currency you earn in the game to purchase new characters and weapons. You can guarantee a four-star character or weapon with ten if you have enough resources.

Don’t be afraid of heights or falling to your death. Instead, climb!

Genshin Impact allows you to climb nearly any height, but it is easy to lose track of the goal and revert to the old rhythm of walking around the globe like a bored groundwalker. Another great tip from Genshin Impact is to find a few resting places high up and then scale. Even if there isn’t anything to see at the top, all that height will allow you to glide far enough for you to make up for any time you have spent climbing.


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