5 Ways To Maintain Your SEO Ranking

There’s no doubt in the fact that it’s difficult for any business to rank high on the Google’s search engine and if you are lucky enough to come on top then maintaining it is the very next worry you have. SEO is one vast term and it goes a long way, you do all the keyword research, you test the keywords, you try to create the best possible content and then you invest in technical SEO too. In a nutshell, there’s just so much one has to do to make it to the top and you honestly deserve some serious appreciation if your website is ranked high because the competition out there is too tough and it takes some serious real-time skills and quality to stand out.

Ways To Maintain Your SEO Ranking

Now, let’s face it that for every business, the generation of website traffic is imperative. If you are providing what your audience is looking for then in no time you will be able to convert that traffic into your customers and with quality services, you will be able to convert your customers to your loyal customers who will always prefer you on anyone else when it comes to your services or products. Long story short, it’s one lengthy process but if you make it through all the steps, you will be impressed with the results.  Ranking high is no doubt a difficult process but it’s going to be worthy of your time and energy once you rank high and once you start earning through your site. Believe it not, your efforts won’t go to waste of you are sincere with your work and If you really are working to come on top of the search engine. Also check– Google indexing service

Coming back to the topic of today, in order to maintain your SEO ranking, you need to know about the latest SEO trends and for that, you can even opt for infographics. For those who don’t know, you can search for “What is SEO infographics?” on the web and you’ll know what we are talking about. Other than that, here are a few useful tips that can help you in maintaining your ranking in terms of SEO.

1-Speed up your site

The speed of your site at which it loads matters a lot and you cannot just deny this fact because we’ve seen the slow loading websites and how they lost all of their traffic. You need to follow the fact that your audience is busy and these people don’t have much time to wait for your website to load. Your audience has a lot of other options out there and maybe those options are better than you so don’t give them a chance to quit your website and look for someone else because this will ultimately affect your SEO ranking.


Content freshness is imperative to Google and its search engine just like content quality is. Now is the time when even Google has grown smarter and it knows where to detect old content. If you don’t update your website or redesign it, you will soon see how your ranking falls to a whole another level. So, it’s important for you to do an audit of your website, check the pages that need a little redesigning and updating and use Google Analytics to check which page is doing well and why.


Remember that the quality of your backlinks matters the most instead of the quantity. Now, if you have a particular keyword that’s ranked high on Google then it would be a wiser decision to stop filling it with more backlinks because Google can now easily detect if you are getting backlinks at a very unreasonable speed. You need to stay moderate and increase your backlinks after some time. However, yes, you should be replacing the dead backlinks with the quality ones because that’s what will keep you on top of the search engine.

4-Focus On Your Content

As said earlier,  your content is the base of SEO and if you really want to stay on top of your SEO game then you better focus on your content. It shouldn’t be a one time thing for you, in fact, your content should always be your top priority no matter what. You see,  your ranking is all because of the fact that people come to your site and are interested in what you have to give to them. So, you need to make sure that your content is always extraordinary, it should be free of grammatical errors, it should be engaging and it needs to spark curiosity among your readers. If you maintain your pace of quality in regards to your content then honestly you will see the results on your own and no one will be able to beat you in your SEO game.  

5- Mobile-Friendliness

Maintaining SEO isn’t a tough job especially if you are keeping up with the changing algorithm of Google. Especially if you have a website of your own then know that it should be mobile friendly in any case.  You cannot expect to rank high with a website that’s not for the mobile phone users. You see, most of the traffic you will get on your site will be from the mobile phone users so you cannot miss out on this factor.  On the other hand, research says that in the next few years, almost 90% of the traffic will be from the mobiles. Not only this in fact if you want to maintain your seo position then keep yourself updated on all the trends and algorithm changes of Google because there’s a lot more out there that you need to consider and focus on.

6-Social Media Presence Is A Must

No one can say anything confirm regarding this but this is no doubt a fact that the search engines like Google consider major social media sites as an authoritative brand like there is Facebook, there is Instagram and Twitter etc. So if you really want to maintain your ranking then you need to be on social media and it’s not an option,  in fact it’s a one necessary thing to do. Whether it’s facebook, instagram or any other social site, just be there, build a presence strong enough to attract audiences and you will surely see some improvement in your SEO rankings on the search engine you are using.

These are some of the best ways to maintain your SEO rankings. Use the tips we just gave and see the results on your own! We assure you that you won’t be disappointed. Also,  make sure to stay constant with your efforts and keep coming up with new strategies because believe it or not, change is important for SEO. One strategy might be working good for you for a month but it’s not necessary that the same strategy will work for you the next month. So keep trying new things,  make changes to your site and update everything you think is old or out of trend. It’s not difficult to maintain your SEO ranking but it’s not as easy as you think too. So, staying constant with efforts is imperative!

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